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USDA Rural Housing Loans in Colorado

  • No Down Payments: Secure your dream home in Colorado with 100% financing. No need to stress over large down payments.*

  • Attractive Terms: With a minimum qualifying credit score of 620, enjoy low mortgage insurance fees and competitive interest rates.

  • Income Flexibilities: Our USDA loans are designed for both low and moderate-income households, making home purchases in USDA-eligible areas more achievable.

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Why Consider a USDA Loan for Your Colorado Dream Home?

USDA Rural Housing Loans aren't just any home loan program. For Coloradans who dream of the serenity and splendor of rural life, these loans offer an unparalleled opportunity. Designed with the vision of empowering residents to embrace the countryside, USDA loans come with a range of benefits:

  • 100% Financing: Yes, that's right. No down payment is required, easing your financial worries.

  • Credit Score Flexibility: Even with a credit score of 620, you're eligible to apply.

  • Lower Insurance Fees: USDA loans offer lower mortgage insurance fees than Conventional or FHA loans, keeping your monthly payments in check.

  • Competitive Interest Rates: Financial stability is crucial. With our USDA loans, you can capitalize on some of the best rates in the industry.

  • Broadened Horizons: Not just for traditional homes! Financing is also available for manufactured home and land purchases.


Requirements and Availability of USDA Loans in Colorado:

  • Location Eligibility: Your chosen property needs to be in a USDA-approved rural area. Use the USDA Eligibility Map to confirm.

  • Income Guidelines: Your household income should fall within the set limits, ensuring these loans assist those who need them most. Dive into the USDA Income Limits to gauge your fit.

Ready to Embrace the Countryside?

With Nick Barta's expertise and the unmatched benefits of USDA Rural Housing Loans, your vision of a tranquil rural life in Colorado is within reach. Take that step with confidence and let your journey to country comfort begin.

*Closing costs and fees may still apply.

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